Dr. Edison O. Jackson

Greetings Family and Friends of Bethune-Cookman University:

I am pleased to have been blessed with the opportunity to serve Bethune-Cookman University in the role of your President and, with excitement, enthusiasm, and humility, join you in the important work of preparing students for a future of life-long learning and service to humanity.

From its beginning, Bethune-Cookman found favor with God. More than 100 years after its founding, God’s favor remains present and is evident in the growth and development of the institution’s physical plant, its academic programs, successful recruiting efforts, and in excellent financial stability in spite of difficult economic times.

As your President, you will find me to be student-centered as well as keenly aware of the myriad challenges and opportunities that are central to being a classroom teacher with responsibilities ranging from syllabi development to advising students to serving on university committees to conducting research for presentations at professional meetings.

You will also find me to be genuinely appreciative of the contributions that each employee makes here at the University. I value the collective wisdom that comes from the talents, gifts, experiences, and hopes of each Bethune-Cookman University employee and, I anxiously look forward to finding ways to embrace and celebrate all segments of the University community.

I am enormously appreciative of the warm reception that awaited me last Tuesday when faculty, staff, students and members of the community attended the reception that formally introduced me to the University Family and the larger Daytona Beach community. I also sincerely appreciate that so many individuals spoke of being excited and looking forward to our work together.

In closing, institutions have life cycles which range from 3-5 years. Bethune-Cookman University is no different and, in my opinion, we are moving into a new and exciting life cycle. It is a cycle that will be characterized by Healing, Inclusion, and Loving. I would have it no other way.

I look forward to the days, weeks, and months to come as, together, we move from Great to Greater!


Edison O. Jackson, Ed.D.