B-CU Direct-Where Legacy Creates Promise

USDLA Certification
B-CU Receives USDLA Certification.
B-CU Direct is specifically designed to provide you a direct path to earning your degree.  You never have to come on campus and can complete all assignments morning, noon, or night. Courses are offered in 8 week sessions during the summer, fall, and spring as well as a 4 week winter intersession!

Tuition and Fees - B-CU Direct

The online degrees in (Criminal Justice, Psychology and Liberal Studies)  will be at a discounted tuition rate of $250.00 per credit hour.  The technology fees will be $500.00 per 8 week enrollment session.

Begin Your Journey On Your Schedule

B-CU offers Rolling Admissions.  This means you can enroll in 8 week sessions, the traditional 16 week session or  the winter intersession.

Finish What You Started Wildcats

Were you enrolled between 1981 - 2015?
Did you leave before you completed your degree?
Do you have a balance of $3000 or less?
Then B-CU Direct is for YOU!

Complete Your Degree On Your Watch

B-CU Direct offers undergraduate degrees in Criminal JusticeLiberal Studies and Psychology. All courses are offered completely online for the Criminal Justice and Liberal Studies degrees. Clinical work for  the Psychology degree can be completed at an approved site convenient to you.

B-CU Direct Academic Calendar - Spring 2017 Online 8 Week Session

B-CU Direct Academic Calendar - Summer 2017 Online 8 Week Session

Admissions Fact Sheet For Bahamian Students