Mission & Vision


The study of religion has a solid place in the Academy in general and the academic life of Bethune-Cookman University in particular. With religious values and moral codes at its core, Bethune-Cookman has concerned itself with making certain to highlight the study of religion as one of its primary disciplinary commitments. The mission of the University speaks clearly to this:
Bethune-Cookman University’s mission is to develop global leaders committed to service, life-long learning and diversity by providing a faith-based environment of academic excellence and transformative experiences.
The mission and vision have historically been given curricular presence through a joint program in philosophy and religion. President Jackson believes this area of study can and should have an even larger role in the life of the University, recognized through the development of a third program area, Christian Ministry. This new structuring of the major in Religion and Philosophy is justified in that Bethune-Cookman University is positioned to offer the state of Florida and beyond a creative and innovative approach to the study of religion, philosophy, and ministry. It draws from the Institution’s profound commitment to engaged education with a focus on societal transformation. Moreover, the proposed addition of a focus in a Christian Ministry makes a unique contribution to religious education/religious studies with the United Methodist Church in Florida.