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Life Skills Courses

Freshman Seminar FC 110 is a one-credit course that is taught by faculty and staff who received special training to assist first-year students to plan their education and meet the demands of undergraduate study with the ultimate goal of earning a degree. Overall concepts investigated include exploring campus resources, identity development, personal accountability, civic engagement, academic skills, careers, and majors. The course seeks to assist students toward self-actualization and integration to the life of the campus community with an emphasis on service.

Freshman Seminar FC 111 is designed to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about their major field of study and the professional behavior essential to their chosen careers. Through this professional seminar, students will begin the important process of collecting information about career paths, graduate schools, internship opportunities, professional expectations and conduct, ethics, and service.

FC 200: This course provides students with real-life mathematics examples that enhance learning opportunities, fill gaps in skill sets, provide techniques for learning and retaining mathematics, and improve math study skills in order to build student confidence and reduce math avoidance or anxiety.

FC 210: This course is designed to assist students in thinking critically to improve academic performance, develop mastery of their emotions and judgment, and improve problem solving skills. The course provides opportunities for students to evaluate personal development, goals, reasoning, and logical thinking. Other course topics include; creative thinking, organizational skills, evaluating facts versus opinions, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution.

SLS 401 - Computerized Career Exploration: This course provides students with a self paced information gathering process designed for students who are having difficulty deciding on a career choice. The course also familiarizes students with a wide range of campus resources that can assist them in their career exploration. Topics include; work related interests, values, clarification and identification of abilities. Various computer based career exploration activities will be managed on Blackboard.

SLS 161 - Personal Leadership: This course explores each students understanding of the definitions, principles, and strategies of leadership. The course provides opportunities for students to identify the qualities, skills, and behavior patterns of exemplary leadership in college and throughout life. Since students have diverse backgrounds and interests, each student will be given the opportunity to refine a definition of leadership that fits his/her unique personality and abilities, as well as the uniqueness of the group of people that he/she works with.

SLS 111 - College Success: Designed to help students develop practical study skills necessary for successful academic work, the course provides opportunities for students to improve such areas as time management, memory, note taking, and test taking.

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