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Honor Code for Student Conduct

Bethune-Cookman University is founded on and practices Christian principles, moral and ethical behavior, and total commitment to educational excellence. As an affiliate of The United Methodist Church, the University expects its students to uphold and exhibit the highest standards of conduct and behavior at all times. Our statement on Human Worth and Dignity is included in the Statement on Ethics and Values.* Students are held accountable for their behavior and are expected to respect themselves and others whether on the University grounds or in the community. Expectations in specific areas of life are addressed below:


At Bethune-Cookman University, students should dress in a way that shows respect for not only themselves, but all other students. We believe that Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune would expect students attending her college to dress in such a way that would uplift their race, culture and professionalism.

Students should not:

  • wear tops that show their mid-drifts or sleeveless men’s undershirts
  • wear skirts that do not meet the “finger-tip test”
  • wear anything that may cause a disturbance to the learning environment
  • wear pajamas outside of the dormitory.

Additionally, male students should not:

  • wear pants below their waistline, showing underwear
  • wear any head coverings inside buildings (hats or “do-rags”)
  • wear sleeveless undershirts to class or in the cafeteria
  • wear pajamas outside of the dormitory
  • Additionally, male students are expected to dress in business attire all day every Wednesday.

Classroom Conduct

The classroom is the place where students go to learn. It is imperative that the behavior in the classroom does not disturb the process of learning. It is important that every student respect rules set forth for all classes and the professor. Cell phones must be placed in the silent mode or turned completely off.

Students displaying rude and disrespectful behavior towards any member of the faculty or staff will be subject to disciplinary action.

Sexual Behavior on Campus

Bethune-Cookman University reserves the right to define and limit what constitutes non-acceptable sexual behavior on its campus. Sexual activity which disrespects others and violates common decency is prohibited throughout the entire campus. Students must refrain from engaging in sexual activities that in any way disrespects the legacy of our founder, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune.

Safety and Security

Students must not engage in any activities that will bring harm and/or disrespect to the College. Students are expected to display and present, if necessary, ID badges at all times when on campus.

Behavior at Public Gatherings and Assemblies

Each Wednesday at 10:20, the College of Undergraduate Studies offer assemblies in order to introduce first-year students to world renown professional speakers who motivate students to excel academically and personally. Twice a month, The College of Undergraduate Studies partners with the Office of Religious Life to provide a worship experience for students who wish to pray and praise.

Students who participate in the Wednesday assemblies are expected to be respectful and attentive to all speakers and to remain seated until after the singing of the alma mater.

Violation of any part of this policy may result in required appearance before the College Honor Court and/or the Disciplinary Review Committee.

Signing the Honor Code for Student Conduct is a requirement for admission to the College. Compliance with this Honor Code is necessary throughout enrollment at Bethune-Cookman University.

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