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Career Fair

Our annual Career Fair is held early during the spring semester of each year.  Many companies and agencies throughout the nation participate in this annual event. Juniors and Seniors are strongly encouraged to attend the fair and provide resumes for recruiters. Sessions preparing students for the career fair are held prior to the event. 

Graduate School Fair/Forum

The annual Graduate School Fair is held during the fall semester of each year.

This fair consists of graduate and professional school recruiters who provide information pertaining to this subject. A forum is held, prior to the fair to share additional information on the graduate school process.

Career Site/Graduate School Visitation programs

Career site visitations are held often at companies and some graduate schools when opportunities are available. These are essential in providing students with experiential learning opportunities.


Internship opportunities are available through the Office of Career Development. It is imperative that students begin the internship process early in their matriculation. Opportunities are available in all areas and come in various components. Many students complete the internship process for academic course requirements, while others complete the process for personal growth and professional job experience.

There are two types of internships.

Non-Paid Internship

An internship which is beneficial in experience without pay. Although the student is unpaid, other benefits are sometimes available and may eventually lead to obtaining a full-time position. 

Paid Internship

An internship which offers a stipend or payment during the completion period. These opportunities also lead to leadership growth, development, and positions for those who complete the process. 

All students are required to complete internship applications through the career development office. Applications must be approved by a Career Counselor and Academic Advisor.

Academic internships differ depending on school and major. Please contact your Advisor and Career Counselor, prior to beginning an academic scholarship.

Upon completion of the experience, an internship evaluation must be submitted by the internship supervisor.

Career-based Positions

Our area receives part-time and full-time job information on a continuous basis. These opportunities are available in a variety of areas and concentrations. Some employers visit the campus for presentations/interviews,  selecting students and alumni for positions,while others may only attend career fairs or submit employment information electronically . Students are strongly encouraged to contact us for assistance with their career search process.

Professional Development Presentations

Professional Development presentations are essential  to success in today’s  competitive and global society.  Listed below are some of our most popular presentations:

    • Dress For Success Fashion Show- Corrective measures for professional dress.
    • I ‘ve Got the Job: Employability Skills for Graduates (fall & spring)
    • Resume Writing
    • The Art of Behavioral Interviews/Mock Interviewing
    • Holland’s  Self Directed Search Review
    • What Can I Gain through Focusing ? ( Focus 2 Career Demonstration & Presentation)
    • Career classroom sessions- Recruiter based sessions
    • Career information session-Recruiters and interns providing career information for students on company history, opportunities and policies
    • Preparing for the Career Fair
    • Following Your Career Path
    • Salary Negotiation
    • Networking strategies

Community Service Opportunities

The Office of Career Development collaborates with other central areas by obtaining volunteer projects for students and alumni. These services are available for a variety of different projects. Occasionally, paid opportunities have been offered. Some of  our major volunteer projects are as follows:

      • BCU Homecoming Parade
      • Community Enrichment Tutorial Program
      • Election Poll Volunteers
      • Annual Charles Cherry Holiday Festival
      • Relay for Life/American Cancer Society
      • Zora Neale Hurston Festival/Education Day-Eatonville, Florida
      • Star Shelter/Halifax Urban Ministries Feeding Program
      • Daytona Beach Mayor’s Affordable Healthcare Project

Career Services Resource Tools

Resource tools are available online and  in the center. Some of our resources are as follows:

    • Black Collegian magazine
    • Southern Diversity Schools Job Search Journal
    • Office of Career Development Job Lists
    • HBCU Career Guide Information
    • NACE Publications
    • Graduate School Guides
    • Kaplan Testing information
    • Career Websites
    • Focus 2
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