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WE ARE #WildcatStrong, PRESS PLAY!

Thank you from Bethune-Cookman University!

Thank you

B-CU family, friends, and supporters, thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers during Hurricane Irma. Bethune-Cookman University is built on a rich legacy, beloved traditions, and a strong commitment to our students and community. We are thankful for your support and the sacrifices you have made during this time. We could not have expedited our support and recovery efforts without your help.

Thank your for your patience, and continuous prayers as we prepare to welcome our students back to the Daytona Beach community. We will continue to operate with Transparency, Integrity, and Positive Action. Remember there is no “B-C without YOU!”

Thank you for being #WildcatStrong #HailWildcats

Bethune-Cookman University Official Campus Return Announcement

ATTN: Students, faculty and staff

On behalf of Interim President Judge Hubert Grimes and the emergency operations team, we thank you for your cooperation as we want to ensure the safety of our students return to campus.

Faculty and staff will return on Monday, September 18th (normal operation hours).

Residential Halls will open on Tuesday, September 19th at 12:00 P.M. for students to return.

Classes will resume on Wednesday, September 20th at 8:00 A.M.

If you have any questions, please contact our campus information hotline, 1-866-274-0733. We pray a safe return as many of you are traveling back to the Daytona community.

We are #WildcatStrong: Hurricane update

The B-CU Emergency Operations Center is working diligently to restore the campus and ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff upon return. Here is a message from our Interim President Judge Hubert Grimes!

Stayed connected through your e-mail, B-CU social media platforms and E-2 Campus Alerts for very important updates. #WildcatStrong #HailWildcats

Bethune-Cookman University President's Address- Hurricane Irma

B-CU Interim President, Judge Hubert Grimes and B-CU First Lady Daisy Grimes gives update on B-CU mandatory evacuation order and update on Hurricane Irma as it may impact the campus community and surrounding areas.

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