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Presidential Transition


The Bethune-Cookman University Board of Trustees firmly recognizes that a successful presidential transition from the current Interim President, Hubert L. Grimes, Esquire to President, Dr. E. LaBrent Chrite is critical. The Board Chair has established a transition team for the distinct purpose of strategically planning a seamless and successful transition of the outgoing and incoming president. Implementation of the university transition plan will be the responsibility of select groups and individuals, as identified in the plan. The creation of this transition plan will clearly assist in planning the first year of the new president that efficiently takes full advantage of this opportunity.

The charge to the Presidential Transition Committee is to develop and execute a transition plan with a variety of critically important activities to be accomplished within the transition period (May 6th through June 30th) and the first year of the new president (July 1,2019 – June 30, 2020). The transition team will create the transition plan with the targeted purpose of aiding the incoming president in becoming acquainted and comfortable with central contacts and relationships, the campus culture, and the larger community. The team will identify necessary goals and activities to accomplish this mission. The emphasis of this plan will purposefully facilitate a clear, collaborative and inclusive transition process for Dr. E. LaBrent Chrite. The plan’s primary purpose is to:

  • Build a genuine and mutual trust between internal and external communities
  • Ensure transparency and open communication during the entire transition process
  • Apprise the Board of Trustees via regular updates on the process of the transition
  • Create an open line of communication with key stakeholders
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