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How do I receive transcript?

Use the National Student Clearinghouse website www.getmytranscript.comto order your transcript 24/7. The options available are: fax,mail, express mail, pick up, and electronic pdf.

For free unofficial transcript for current students, click Unofficial Transcript Reports. Transcripts can be printed from any computer or you can use the computers in the Registrar's Office.

What if I have balance hold? How can I get my transcript?

a. Balance holds prevent the release of transcripts. Call the Bursar's Office (386-481-2507) to make payment. Transcript requests will not be processed until all balance holds have been cleared.

I ordered online through the National Student Clearinghouse and I am having trouble using their website.

a. For further help, call the National Student Clearinghouse (703-742-4200).



I cannot register on the Wildcat Web because there is financial hold on my account. What do I need to do?

a. You will need to contact the Bursar's Office and make appropriate arrangements.

b. Once they clear you to register you need to go back to the Wildcat Web, choose the appropriate term and proceed to register for classes, provided you have been cleared by your Success Coach.

What happens if I forget to clear my balance before the payment deadline?

a. If you forget to clear your balance, your schedule will be deleted, and you must register again before the last day to add classes. There is no guarantee that your original schedule will be available.

Can I get refund for classes that I drop?

a. Refunds are handled in the Bursar's Office, who will post the dates for refund. The refund policy is printed in the current catalog. Students may only receive refunds for courses that are cancelled by the University or courses that are dropped before the last day of late registration.

What happens if I register for class but decide not to attend the class?

a. Students are required to drop courses by the published last day of registration to avoid being charged for classes they do not attend.

When can I register?

a. Please check the dates on the current year academic calendar for early online registration dates. Remember to advance register to secure your seat.

What is considered full-time status?

a. Undergraduate Students registered for 12 or more hours is considered full-time during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Nine (9) hours is full-time for graduate programs.

What is considered part-time status?

a. Undergraduate students registered for less than 12 hours is part-time. Graduate students registered for less than nine hours.

I am first time freshman. Why can't I register now?

a. New students must attend orientation and meet with Success Coach before they can register. They must register by the last day of late registration.

If I withdraw from school, do I have to submit readmission application form to return? 

a. Yes. Students must complete an Application for Readmission, by July 30 for the Fall semester or by November 30 for the Spring semester. The nonrefundable fee is $25.00. The student will be informed in writing of the decision by the Registrar's Office. Former students whose college education has been interrupted for five or more years must complete the most recent curriculum in the major as shown in the current undergraduate catalog. Students re-entering after 10 years or more may not be able to apply all credits to their current program.


Transfer of Credit

Are developmental courses transferable?

a. Developmental courses are not transferable. Although Bethune-Cookman University accepts courses transferred from other regionally accredited institutions that lead to college degree at B-CU, it does not accept developmental/remedial courses from other institutions.

Revision Date: 2/13/15

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