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Dean's Message

It's a new day in the CSEM!

The College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics (CSEM) offers degrees in biology, chemistry, computer engineering, computer science, computer information systems, environmental science, and mathematics.

The CSEM has a tradition of providing excellent instruction. Through a diverse and caring faculty, students who choose an emphasis within the College of Science Engineering and Mathematics are sure to be academically challenged and personally inspired.

The commitment that CSEM faculty members have historically made to students has resulted in some of the longest tenures among any of the University’s faculty. Recent retirees left the University after as many as 40 years of dedicated work as classroom teachers, researchers, advisors, and co-researchers. Today’s matriculating students continue to be inspired by the School’s newest faculty members each of them dedicated to continuing the important tradition of preparing our students for successful science, engineering, and mathematics careers and meaningful lives as life-long learners.

A well-trained, caring, and dedicated faculty is not the only benefit of joining us here in the CSEM. We have made a commitment to creating a learning environment that supports student learning and high levels of student success. Our students are the welcomed beneficiaries of the overhauling of the University’s Gross Science Building. Significant improvements abound and include a completely refurbished Science Lecture Hall, modernized classrooms, enhanced student study areas, and teaching and learning technology that rivals academic departments and/or schools at much larger colleges and universities. We are continuously developing new programs and courses of study that provide rich research and technology opportunities for our students.

Welcome to the College of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Herbert Thompson, Ph.D.
College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics
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