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Prospective Students

10 Reasons to Join The College of Business and Entrepreneurship (CBE)

  1. Family:  The CBE is a family of faculty, staff and students!

  2. Internships:  We encourage internships in the CBE and make available paid internship opportunities throughout the year to students who are motivated and ready for challenging external opportunities.  

  3. Leadership and Professional Development:  In the CBE we go beyond the classroom offering a wide range of guest speakers and activities that will give the soft skills training necessary to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

  4. Respect: The CBE is respected on the B-CU campus for having a challenging program and student leaders who consistently shine on campus.

  5. Competent Faculty:  In The CBE approximately 80% of our faculty have PhDs; while others are currently in programs and are near completion of their terminal degrees.  Our faculty are committed to their fields of study and are seasoned practitioners and educators.

  6. Relationships: We will help you develop your networking skills; which lead to life-long relationships with B-CU administrators, corporate leaders, faculty and other students

  7. Interdisciplinary Curriculum: The curriculum in The CBE infuses global awareness and entrepreneurship.

  8. Opportunities:  The CBE is the first HBCU to sign a Strategic Alliance Memorandum (SAM) with Small Business Administration. (

  9. Brand Recognition:  The students in The CBE are known on campus for being student leaders in SGA, Royal Court and other student organizations and national events.  They standout on campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which are required SUIT days for all of our students.

  10. Leadership:  The CBE works closely with our B-CU administration and under the leadership of a motivated Dean we continue to think outside the box and uphold the University’s legacy of Faith, Integrity, Respect, Service and a Thirst for Knowledge.

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