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Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP)

The College of Education’s Admission Committee conducts the process admitting applicants into the College of Education Teacher Education Program. Admission Committee Members review applications and required documents, interview applicants, and provide recommendations on applicant status. In addition, the Committee reviews the Teacher Education Program Admission Process policies and procedures. 


The Admission Committee consists of faculty members representing a variety of majors within the College of Education (COE).  A Chairperson is elected from the committee. The committee works closely with the COE Assessment Office and Data Analyst for identification of potential candidates and reporting purposes. When Committee members recommend policy or procedure changes, a quorum for voting consists of a simple majority of the membership. All faculty committee members and the COE Assessment Coordinator each have one vote; the Data Analyst does not vote.

Operating Procedures

Preparing for the Admissions Interview

The process includes the following:

  • The COE Data Analyst identifies potential candidates by verifying a passing score on all four GK subsets in the COE database.
  • The Admissions Committee Chair reviews the list. 
  • The Chair contacts potential applicants by email notifying them of their potential eligibility.
  • The email includes directions for creating an appointment on and completing the Livetext application for admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Applicants must meet the following requirements prior to applying:

  • Demonstrate a passing score on all FTCE GK subtests
  • A 2.5 or higher GPA
  • A grade of “C” or better in EN 131, EN 132, MAT 131 and MAT 132
  • Committee members contact TEP faculty representatives to participate in the interviews. 
  • Applicants receive an e-mail listing the documents necessary for the interview:
    • Unofficial transcript
    • Copies of passing GK report
    • A copy of his/her essay “Why I chose Education as a Profession”
    • Completed Disposition Rubric
    • A screenshot of the completed Livetext application or a paper copy of the application

What to Expect During the Interview

On the day of the interview, the committee members, relevant faculty, and applicants review the documents, and participate in an oral interview. The appropriate committee members utilize the Admission to the TEP Interview Guide when making recommendations. Admission Committee members use the interview guide for three purposes:

1) Provide structure and consistency in the interview process,
2) Verify applicant’s eligibility and
3) Enable the applicant to demonstrate oral and written skills, teacher dispositions, and propensity for becoming an Educational Justice Leader. 

Applicants are not present during the interviewers’ discussion and decision. Applicants are notified of their status immediately following the closed door discussions. 

After the Interview

Committee members, who conducted the interviews, congratulate teacher candidates on their new status within the College of Education.   Admission Committee members provide all completed documentation to the Committee Chair within two days of the interviews.  The Committee Chair updates Livetext and prepares Admission Certificates for the COE Dean’s signature. The Admission Committee Chairs’ office serves as the location for paper copies of documents.  New candidates contact the Admission Committee Chair for their certificate. 

In the event the interviewers determine that applicants are not qualified for admission to the Teacher Education Program, the Admission Committee schedules a post advisement meeting. 

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