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The 4th Annual Education and Social Justice Conference will provide a forum for school districts, governmental agencies, community organizations, and families across Florida to address educational issues as well as a myriad of other factors and influences that will impact an individual's life choices, chances, and opportunities for success.


The conference will offer engaging solution-focused sessions covering a variety of topics, to include: 

  • School Achievement & Discipline Disparities 
  • Judicial Sentencing Disparities 
  • Physical and Mental Health 
  • Internet Availability and Use 
  • Economic & Wealth Disparities
  • School Safety 
  • Ethics 
  • Media Representation 
  • Environmental Justice 
  • Law Enforcement & Community Relations 


We are inviting all educators, school administrators, Title I school representatives, law enforcement professionals, lawyers, judges, business professionals, environmental advocates, healthcare professionals, mental health professionals, media professionals, students, the faith community, non-profit organizations, human & youth service professionals, politicians, researchers, and concerned citizens.

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