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Student Resource Center

Welcome to the Student Resource Center!

The Student Resource Center located in Kottle 106 is intended to be an interactive place with a variety of resources to help students and faculty as they develop lessons and units to meet the diverse needs of all students.

At the present time the Student Resource Center contains:

  • Printed materials in content areas (K-12).
  • Resources to aid students in passing the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (General Knowledge – GK, Professional, and Subject Area Examinations).
  • Videos of instructional methods and diverse learners.
  • Computer stations aimed at facilitating research and development of technology infused instructional materials.

The Student Resource Center supports the Conceptual Framework of the College of Education (REAP) by assisting in the development of effective educators committed to Reflective Practice, the pursuit of Essential Knowledge, qualified to Assess and Evaluate, and dedicated to Professionalism (REAP).

It is the intention that the Student Resource Center be a place reflective of the growth and changing needs of our students and faculty as well as a place reflective of the pursuit of academic and professional excellence.

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Handbooks for Students:

  • Policy and Procedures Handbook
  • Clinical Practices and Field Experiences Handbook
  • Student Teaching Handbook
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