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Our current research with the DAPPA (Disparities in Arthritis Pain & Physical Activity) Study among women with Knee Osteoarthritis seeks to examine the health disparities among African American women and non-Hispanic White women who are living with this chronic disease.  We are in the first phase of our research and are currently in the process of seeking 8 women from each ethnic/racial group (8 African American women and 8 non-Hispanic White women) for 2 focus groups that we are conducting.  The focus groups will give us a "snap-shot" about how the women manage their pain on a daily basis, their view or understanding of pain, and other factors that may influence their daily activities and overall wellness.
During the Winter Break our research team traveled to the University of Florida where we learned how to effectively measure pain using an Algometer (Mechanical Pressure Testing machine) to complete Qualitative Sensory Testing which will be conducted once we have all of our participants.  Not everyone who participates in the focus groups will participate in the experimental portion (Phase 2) of the research.
Phase 2 is the physical activity portion of the study and involves two types of fitness.  One will involve the participant riding a stationary bike while playing a video game and the other will involve the participant using the Wii Walking game with music.  Our overall goal once the research is completed is to improve minority health and health outcomes among women who are living with pain and chronic disease co-morbidities
For more information, contact Dr. Bridgett Rahim-Williams at 386-481-2596, or Mrs. Angelina Vickers at 386-481-2310.
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