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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Interdisciplinary Studies is an exciting and rigorously challenging interdisciplinary program that provides students with a unique opportunity to study and integrate concepts from the humanities and arts, the natural sciences, and the social sciences.
  • While in the Colege of Liberal Arts the degree leads to a Bachelor of Arts. Options include traditional, transfer (2+2) and lifelong learner.  
  • This major explores the methods, underlying assumptions, and forms of interaction within and between these disciplines. The capacity for critical thinking, comprehensive academic background, and communications skills that our majors develop provide them with the self-confidence that comes from being culturally sensitive, intellectually independent, creative, and well-rounded persons.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major allows students to create an individualized curriculum composed of courses and experiences which meet their individual career needs. This approach is different from many traditional, discipline-based baccalaureate programs which are designed in part to prepare students for advanced work in a specific academic discipline. The bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies can also be an appropriate preparation for students planning to attend graduate school in certain disciplines and professions.

While this degree is open to all qualified students, it has been designed principally to meet the higher education needs of the following two specific groups of students:

  1. Non-traditional students, who are already in the workplace, but need a baccalaureate degree to advance in their current career.
  2. Traditional students with clear academic or career goals who are open to and interested in ways of organizing an undergraduate experience which draws on the multiple resources.

Why Interdisciplinary Studies?

The major allows students the opportunity to bring together -- or integrate -- courses from a wide variety of academic areas or disciplines to support their individual career goals. Interdisciplinary Studies also integrates on-campus with community-based, experiential methods of learning. Workforce skills today require new competencies such as effective collaboration and teamwork which may not be available through classroom instruction alone; these skills must be learned, developed, and advanced in real work environments.

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