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Dr. Janice Allen-Kelsey

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts!

The College of Liberal Arts offers interdisciplinary undergraduate studies which include specific content from the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Master of Science degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and in Leadership and Administrative Sciences are offered in the College of Liberal Arts, also. We have outstanding faculty members who work closely with our students in our undergraduate and graduate programs.

The interdisciplinary undergraduate studies are designed to strengthen the students' knowledge and preparation for competitive career opportunities. Also, students' preparations for success in graduate and professional programs are enhanced through the completion of degree requirements from interdisciplinary undergraduate studies in the College of Liberal Arts.

Our specific undergraduate degree programs are designed to contain content from across disciplines which may include Criminal Justice, English, History, International Studies/Affairs, Liberal Studies, Political Science, and Sociology. Also, World Languages and Cultures and Humanities are offered in the College of Liberal Arts along with excellent study abroad programs.

The College of Liberal Arts is the core of the academic programs at the university. We provide a strong general education foundation that all entry level students must complete before proceeding in your chosen major areas of study.

In the College of Liberal Arts' graduate programs, the Master's degree in the Criminal Justice Administration program produces graduates with the preparation and skills necessary to become highly marketable and successful leaders in the wide array of criminal justice fields. The Master's degree in the Transformative Leadership program prepares graduate students to become innovative leaders who can analyze workplace issues and assist in moving organizations forward to meet change productively and effectively.

Students who choose to major in the liberal arts tend to have varied interests and are dynamic and inquisitive people. You will find that in the College of Liberal Arts you are not restricted to any one field of study. Students graduate from our liberal arts programs with a diverse skill set that many major employers recognize as important and seek in their employees, such as skills in intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, research, and leadership. Students possessing the same diverse skill set are well prepared to succeed in rigorous graduate programs and professional schools.

I invite you to contact us for more information about the interdisciplinary undergraduate programs of study and the graduate programs in leadership in the College of Liberal Arts. I look forward to meeting you.

My best wishes to you at this exciting time in your life!

Janice Allen-Kelsey, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

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