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Mission & Vision


The mission of the College of Liberal Arts is to provide excellent instruction within our interdisciplinary undergraduate programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and in our graduate degree programs in leadership and administration. The College of Liberal Arts is the core of the university, providing the foundation that supports the general educational goals of each of the schools and colleges within the university as a whole. The Liberal Arts degree programs cultivate creative and critical thinking skills, confidence in communication skills, and the ability to access and analyze information and ideas in a multiculturally diverse and technologically sophisticated world. Our students are, therefore, prepared to enter the job market, to enter graduate and professional schools, and to serve as astute leaders in a wide array of professions within ever-changing local and global environments. 


The College of Liberal Arts will offer courses and programs that will prepare students to value the significance of continuous learning. Such preparation will allow our students to keep foremost the critical importance of serving our local and global communities through civic engagement in a socially responsible and morally sound manner.

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