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NAA Life Membership

The National Alumni Association of Bethune-Cookman University conducts its life membership drive from December 1 through June 1 of each fiscal year. Become a loyal member of high distinction by joining the over 425 members of the Life Membership Club.

Membership Benefits
  • Eliminates annual payment of national dues
  • Life Membership Clock
  • Life Membership Gold Card
  • Eligibility to vote in national election
  • The opportunity to join and participate in a local chapter
  • The opportunity to run for national offices for which you qualify
  • Pride of being a loyal supporter of the mighty Bethune-Cookman University
Membership Options
  • One Payment of $1,000.00, or
  • Subscribe:
    • Two annual payments of $500.00 within one year, or
    • Ten monthly payments of $100.00 within ten months
  • Subscribing members of the Life Membership Club who are joining by making periodic payments must complete their payments within two years of their initial payment.
  • Life Membership clocks and cards are presented at the National Alumni Convention held in June of each year.

Make your checks payable to the following:

B-CU Alumni Life Member
P.O. Box 11646
Daytona Beach, FL 32120

*NOTE: Membership in the Life Membership Club exempts from paying annual NATIONAL dues; however, if one is affiliated with a Local Chapter, then, one is still required to pay annual LOCAL dues. The amount varies from chapter to chapter.

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