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Dean Of Students About Us

The Office of the Dean of Students at Bethune-Cookman University offers a holistic approach to student-centered advocacy for undergraduate and graduate students. Focusing on education, social and personal development, the Office of the Dean of students connects students to University resources that promote academic success, retention, and graduation.  The Dean of Students partners with other university offices to develop students in the spirit of the University and Student Honor Code of Conduct, Core Values, further supporting our mission to create vibrant and inclusive campus communities.  The University Dean of Students also serves as a confidential resource available to assist students in resolving problems, complaints, and other issues when normal processes and procedures have not worked satisfactorily.

Reasons students would seek the assistance of the Dean of Students Office may include:

  • Seeking advice to respond to an uncomfortable living situation,
  • Finding a resource to assist with a health issue, 
  • Connecting with resources to assist with a learning difference or disability,
  • Navigating a personal problem that you are facing, and/or
  • Resolving conflicts with other students.

The Dean of Students Office is an office where students may visit to ask a question, make a request, find general information, or simply be pointed in the right direction.  Even if a student is unsure if the Dean of Student’s Office is the right place to seek information or help, it remains to be an excellent starting point.

The Dean of Students is also responsible for the administration of the Student Honor Code of Conduct. If students find themselves in a compromising situation, or have witnessed unacceptable behaviors, the Dean of Students is there to address all concerns and help students stay on a successful path. 

Regardless, the Dean’s Office will safeguard student rights and work to build a community that is reflective of the values of Bethune-Cookman University.  

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