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Consortium Agreement

Bethune-Cookman University Students often enroll at Bethune-Cookman University(Home School) and/or another college/university(Host School) as a transient student. It is possible to receive financial aid under these circumstances as long as certain requirements are met.

  • You will be considered a Transient student at the other institution.
  • You will only be awarded financial aid at Bethune-Cookman University (Home School) from which you will graduate and receive your degree. You cannot receive financial aid at both Bethune-Cookman University(Home School) and the other institution(Host School).
  • Consortium agreements will only be processed if they are necessary for you to receive the full amount of your financial aid.
  • You must be enrolled in enough hours to qualify for financial aid. If you enroll simultaneously at Bethune-Cookman University and another school, the total hours enrolled between the two schools will be used to determine your financial aid eligibility.
  • You will be responsible for paying all program fees at the other institution. Bethune-Cookman University will not make payment directly to the other school.
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