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Why I Give to Bethune-Cookman University: Sherry Paramore

Why I Give to Bethune-Cookman University

Our stakeholders are the many alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students, and their parents who give to the University, for many reasons. Their generosity makes our work possible.

Sherry Paramore, Class of '91, Political Science

Neither of my parents attended college, but they always stressed the value of education, both believing that it was truly the great equalizer. My great-great-grandmother had been a student during the early days when it was an all-girls school, so they wanted me to attend Bethune-Cookman. I thank God for my parents who cultivated such educational values and a heart for service. As a first-generation college student, B-CU instilled those values in me as well.

Because of my parents’ love for Bethune, I could think of no better way to honor them than to create a scholarship in their honor. My family knows the struggles and simply wants to help ensure that students stay in school at B-CU. The nurturing spirit is what makes the University unique. It's small enough that it's family; and when you get that B-CU pride, it's lifelong and never leaves you. I am greatly inspired by Dr. Bethune and want to leave a legacy of service and helping others to be the best that they can be using their God-given talents.

As alumni, we must do our part to keep the doors open. Whatever amount you can give, it is important to do so and be consistent. We are the keepers of the dream and have to protect and honor the legacy. Presidents will come and go, but we as alumnus must continue to support B-CU. I want to be sure I'm doing my part so that other young people have the same opportunities. After all, that is what Bethune-Cookman gave to us — a chance to change our lives. We would not be where we are had it not been for B-CU.

Alumna Sherry Paramore is President of Elevate Orlando, a non-profit organization developed to equip and empower underserved youth to graduate with a plan for the future through mentor relationships and public school courses rooted in character education and leadership development.

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