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B-CU Interim President Grimes Offers University-wide Day of Prayer


In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, Interim President Hubert Grimes called a university-wide day of prayer, remembrance and fasting. The Offices of Chaplaincy and Student Affairs worked closely on this effort to bring students, pastors, and leaders from the local community to offer prayer throughout the day (Monday, November 20th). On each hour, prayer was given in various areas of the B-CU campus. “We are a faith- based institution; and this gives the B-CU family an opportunity to strengthen our collective spirit and openly display our faith, which is the key founding principle exemplified by our founder, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune,” said Interim President Grimes.

Reverend John Baldwin II, Dean of the Chaplaincy, expressed the expected outcome of the University-wide event. “This day was put together to employ the disciplines of faith by praying and asking God’s blessing and protection over the campus community,” he shared. “It was my hope that it reminded the University, that as a United Methodist- affiliated Christian University we are anchored in faith and as we seek to serve our students and the world, we must remember the words of our founder, "Faith is the first factor in a life devoted to service,” Reverend Baldwin added.

Over 150 students participated in the day of prayer alongside administrators, faculty and staff, and the surrounding community. Several students shared that they felt more connected to staff and senior administration as they prayed together around the campus. There were several devotions shared, from testimonials to messages about hope and God's promise to deliver in times of trouble. Prayers throughout the day were led by Reverend Kevin James; Reverend Jermaine Fuller; Reverend Craig Robinson; Reverend Kenya Lovell; Reverend Dr. Walter Monroe; Reverend Dr. Randolph Bracy; Reverend Nathan Mugala, Reverend Jeffrey Robinson, and Reverend John Baldwin II.

“The world needs more prayer,” said Reverend. Baldwin. “With increased economic and social justice disparities, it is essential to our growth to pray for the consistent challenges our students face around the campus,” he stated. Interim President Grimes has called for a University-wide day of prayer to be scheduled for each semester moving forward.

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About Bethune Cookman University:

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